Half-Life 2

Custom Model
59.99 USD
  • Permanent
  • 3-month long exclusivity period, starting from the day the model is added to the server.
  • To be used on an unlimited amount of characters. You may also permit any number of other players to use your model, in which case it will be accessible as a pre-made donator model for them.
A custom character model made to your specifications!
Please make sure to discuss and finalize the details of your model with Deadeye before purchasing. After you make a donation please make a forum group DM with Deadeye, Bennet and Gang.
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Pre-made model
19.99 USD
  • Permanent
This perk gives you access to a single pre-made custom model. After purchasing this perk, ask an admin in-game to set your model.
Note that recently added custom models have an exclusivity period to the original owner before becoming publicly available. Some of the newer models may not be purchasable yet.

If you're not sure, please contact a member of the admin team to verify that the model is available.

To get your model, ask any admin in-game or through Discord, and provide a screenshot of your profile on the donation panel so they can verify.
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Custom amount
  • Non Permanent
  • Increased prop limit
  • Custom physgun colours
  • Infinite ammo (without having to use a resupply box)
  • Scoreboard icon
  • Discord contributor role
  • Forum contributor role

This package gives you access to several quality-of-life perks. More perks for the contributor subscription are in the works, and will be added free of charge. The package renews every 30 days, and you may cancel at any time. 

As requested by some players, the price for this package is flexible. This means that you can set a custom price if you'd like to support us with more than the standard amount.

Scoreboard Title
5.99 USD
  • Permanent
A one-time change of your scoreboard title, which appears underneath your character description in the player list. Includes a custom color.
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